Social media

Why is it that now instead of living in the moment and seeing and feeling everything with our own eyes we feel like we have to  see it thru the lens of a phone and record every little thing we do and post it. (Guilty of course) but now we really dont experience life. We live our life’s to please others by taking pictures wearing our best outfits and wearing a ton of makeup and quite honestly we’re just sitting at home trying to get a good picture just to update or social medias on our latest look or adventure. (Again guilty of that too.) Why is it that media has such a strong influence on us now. It seems like everyone today does the same thing. Nobody really stands out. 


2 thoughts on “Social media”

  1. Excellent…this is so true…and it’s unfortunate that our world revolves around technology. It’s never going to go away. I try my absolute hardest to remained focused on life itself; rather than through a computer screen.


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